Ablue Ultra-HD 4K Camcorder Review

Ablue Ultra-HD 4K CamcorderCamcorders are digital video cameras that are capable of capturing moving images in superior quality. Ever since they became commercial, tremendous improvement have been made, and now we have some really advanced camcorders that produce 4K videos. In fact, they are now the most popular type of cameras among consumers.

These devices are easy to use, portable, and now more affordable than ever. Whether you want it for personal use or some school or work project, you can record a large volume of videos. A significant advantage of a camcorder over a digital camera is that it has a pretty robust zoom. Some lenses on camcorders may even provide a 60x zoom, which is not possible with digital cameras.

Since camcorders are designed explicitly for recording videos, they come with more built-in memory, and as a result, have more space for storing videos. Also, the audio on these cameras is better; hence, they give you not just a high-quality picture but high-quality sound as well. With that said, one of the latest camcorder models is Ablue Ultra-HD 4K Camcorder. The manufacturer claims to have all features that you will like in your camera.

Thus, let us take a look at its features, pros, and cons to find out if it meets the standards and if you should invest in it.

Ablue Ultra-HD 4K Camcorder Features

Ablue Camcorder records 4K picture with a 24 FPS rate. The digital camera on this device is 48 megapixels, which is ample to capture highly detailed imagery. This camcorder comes with a super wide angle lens and also a macro lens that can be detached. The former allows you to fit in a wide area in the view field of the lens while the latter focuses on the smaller picture with great attention to detail.

It also features a 3.0 inches LCD screen that can be rotated at a maximum of 270 degrees. What is better is that the touchscreen screen makes it easy to work with settings and enable you to view or even edit videos quickly. Likewise, it can work with a standard tripod, and you can also insert an SD, SDHC, or TF of up to 64 GB. What makes this camcorder even fun to work with is the NovaCam app. This one has Wi-Fi technology, which syncs it with the app on your smartphone. Hence, you can shoot videos remotely with your phone and transfer files immediately over Wi-Fi.

This also comes with all the standard input and output ports that are found in all video cameras. It operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is why you can get 90 minutes of film recording on a single full charge and up to 150 minutes for taking images. The digital zoom on this one is 16x, which is ample to capture things even from a significant distance.

Besides the 4K picture, you also have infrared night vision function which makes it pretty efficient at shooting videos in the dark. This one is a complete product that comes with all the necessary accessories including AV/USB cable, HDMI cable, charger, battery, user manual, and a camcorder bag to store it safely.


  • Ultra-high definition picture and video quality
  • Record and transfer images and videos directly to the phone
  • Ample storage and long battery time
  • Double optical filters
  • Easy to use, store, and carry around
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Runs in multiple languages
  • Good value for money
  • Complete set of accessories


  • The user manual provided is basic and does not have detailed information on settings.


The Ablue 4K Camcorder is packed with features that produce ultra-high quality images and videos in a user-friendly way. The amount of external storage you can house on this camcorder is enough to store long hours of videos and a few numbers of pictures. The zoom level is average for a camcorder but still works well for focusing on subjects especially with the macro lens. Additionally, the manufacturer had used rechargeable lithium -ion battery to ensure that you get long standby and video recording time.

The 270 degrees rotatable LCD screen adds to its ease of use. So does the Wi-Fi connection and the mobile app designed specifically for this camcorder. This way, you can control the camera with your phone without any hassles of incompatibility. With all these benefits, the only drawback is the user manual which is not detailed enough to help you better understand functions or settings. On the positive side, there is a lot of information available online on forums and blogs that can help you with its settings and control.


The Ablue Camcorder contains all the primary features of a camcorder plus a few more that make it high-quality and efficient. However, there are more models, especially from famous name brands, like Canon, which have such compelling advanced features as well.

Like the one from Ablue, Canon Vixia HD R82 also contains a lot of accessories including two lens kits, a hard case, a cleaning kit, and screen protectors. This one too has a 1080p camera that produces high-definition videos and has a WiFi connection.

However, the Canon model features a superior quality Vidpro Condenser Microphone. It has a LED video light, which is another exclusive feature. Of course, since it bears the brand name of Canon, there is a significant price difference between these two models. Nonetheless, both of these models produce good quality videos with a stable sound which is the essential feature for a camcorder. They are also incredibly easy and fun to work with.

Indeed, Canon is a high-end brand that also produces camera equipment for professional use, so their products usually have extra features. Although that is terrific, such are not exactly essential. Overall, the Ablue model allows you to have almost the same basic features like Canon models, but at a much lower price.


The Ablue HD Camcorder is a product worth buying given that it makes immaculate videos in 4k and has all necessary features and accessories. You can pair it with your phone directly over WiFi and control videos on the go. It is lightweight and compact making it extremely portable which is what a camcorder is all about. You can also fix it to a tripod and shoot stationary videos.

The LCD screen, lenses, and other accessories including the small bag make it an ideal purchase. It is recommended for personal use at home or when you are traveling. On top of that, it offers you the best value proposition. Hence, it is a must-have product for a happy recording of precious moments of your life!