Best Camera for Amateur Filmmaking: Benchmarking

If you want to be the best in filmmaking, or if somehow you’re already good at it, I am pretty sure you’re enthusiastic in giving your all for the film. Whether you are a filmmaker, a cameraman, a vlogger, or just someone who has a fondness in filming just about anything, you would surely want an excellent camera for an outstanding result.

Because of the great influence of media, cameras has become enormous in the market. All of them claims to have the best quality in recording high definition videos. However, only a few proved that they really are the best.

Amateur filmmakers do not just settle with good cameras; they settle for the best ones. An excellent camera contributes to the overall quality of a movie. A low-quality camera can turn an impressive plot into a cheap and shoddy film. It has the power to either make a film picaresque or dissatisfying.

However, an excellent camera can make a film charismatic, pleasant, and intriguing even if the plot is somewhat ordinary. When buying a camera, always settle for the best. It is better to spend more cash for better filming quality than to settle in budget cameras but end up frustrated in the quality.

I’m Buying a Camera, Any Tips?

An excellent camera has exceptional qualities. When buying a camera, make sure it has the best features. Study the quality in filming, the hardware, the portability, and affordability. Reading reviews about the camera can help you conclude beforehand if the camera is good for you.

If filming is your career, it is best to not settle for an entry-level camera. Choose the best camera even though it will make you spend a little bit more. It is better to invest for an expensive camera than to settle with cheap ones that can compromise your career.

Vloggers and filmmakers should include the best camera in their checklist. However, if you are yet to start your career as a filmmaker, it is best to settle purchasing inexpensive cameras first, and soon when you are an expert, you can then settle for premium cameras.

When buying a camera, look for the one with an ultra HD capability. This kind of camera usually have 4K resolution and have more than 16 megapixels. Look for the camera that has an optical zoom feature and digital zoom.

Pick the camera that can capture amazing videos even in low light conditions. Most cameras with this feature have a sensor more than 1-inch in size. An easy interconnectivity is also an amazing quality for cameras.

It should have accessible ports such as Micro HDMI, video output, and Micro USB hub. Newer cameras have Wi-Fi and NFC Connectivity, though not merely necessary but these features can be useful.

The Best Cameras for Amateur Filmmaking

Whether you are an amateur filmmaker or a novice, excellent cameras will make you a pro in an instant. Selecting the best camera for amateur filmmaking can be tedious. As mentioned already, it is best for unprofessional filmmakers to get inexpensive cameras.

Though inexpensive, the camera must still have amazing features, uncompromised quality, and satisfying operationality. Here are few of the best cameras you can opt to:

Canon T2i

The Canon T2i is an 18-megapixel DSLR camera. DSLR cameras are best for filmmaking students because it has more advanced features than a camcorder and Canon T2i is one great product to prove that statement.

Canon T2i has an ISO that ranges from 100 to 6,400. ISO measures the sensitivity of the CMOS (image sensor). The higher the ISO, the better it can handle low light situations. The Canon T2i can record full 1080p high definition videos. The 3-inch LCD display will let you view your captured recording or image.

Panasonic DMC-GH2

Panasonic GH2 is one of the players in the DSLR industry. It has 16.05 megapixels that can capture high definition recordings. It can capture motion up to 1280×720 resolution in 30FPS. It has a 3-inch wide sensitive touch LCD display for in-camera editing and viewing.

The 4/3 Type MOS sensor enables the camera to capture videos in dark places. Panasonic DMC-GH2 has ISO sensitivity of 160 to 12,800.

Canon XC10

Canon XC10 is a camera that excels in performance. It captures crisp and bright imagery. It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor that allows the device to capture videos outstandingly in dark places. The camera is capable of recording ultra-high definition 4K recording.

It also has an intuitive control with the 3-inch wide touchscreen LCD display. For interconnectivity, the camera is equipped with HDMI ports, microphone socket, DC power, USB hub, and a headphone jack. It has also an enabled Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sony FDR AX100

If you want compact in size yet huge in performance, you can opt to use Sony FDR AX100. It is an 8-inch camera with metal frame and plastic coating that guarantees extreme quality. This camera has 1” Exmor CMOS sensor that can impressively produce bright recording in dark conditions.

This Handycam is capable of 12x optical zoom and 24x digital zoom. It is equipped with a 3.5-inch Touchscreen LCD Display.  This camera has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity that enables you to control the camera wirelessly via smartphone. It comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery for long-lasting usability.


When picking the best camera for amateur filmmaking, make sure to buy the one that you feel comfortable with. Never settle for low-cost and low-quality cameras. Most cameras have built-in microphones while some need external microphones. Buy popular camera brands that are guaranteed to be best for quality, performance, and durability.


Amateur filmmakers do not have to worry about buying expensive and highly advanced cameras. For learning and casual use, entry-level cameras are suggested as they can perform neutrally. You can settle for premium cameras when it is already worth your filming skills.

DSLR cameras are mostly suggested for unprofessional filmmakers. They are less expensive than professional cameras. Plus, they offer excellent quality in filming. They can be used both for photography and videography.