Best Photography Lights

Best Photography Lights

It is every photographer’s dream to capture pictures that are as close to reality as possible. For professional photographers, every picture is worth a thousand words, and they leave nothing to chance in their endeavor to procure the best shot.

One of the most essential of photography is lighting.  Just the same way light enables us to see, it allows the camera to capture the shape, color, and size of an object thereby bringing out an image that is as realistic as possible.

As every photographer knows, light is not just about the brightness or darkness of the picture, it also brings out the mood, tone and general atmosphere of an image.

Fortunately, modern technological advances have made it possible for photographers to control and manipulate light and bring about the best texture, color vibrancy and luminosity in images. Below we explore some of the best professional lighting options available in the market.

We examine their features, their main selling points and what is not so great about them. Finally, we draw a verdict and help you decide on the best option.

StudioPro Dimmable LED Light

This light is loved by photographers for many reasons. For one, it is easy to use, well packaged and comes ready to use. It comes with the lights, barn doors, and a high-quality light stand.

Check out these other features that consistently make it a photographer’s top choice.


  • Easy to set up; simply plug and play.
  • Has both AC and DC power options, making it adaptable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 600 Tungsten LEDs for a large variety of light options
  • 600 Long-lasting bulbs for a variety of color choices.
  • A convenient padded carrying bag for storing the light panels
  • Dimmable flicker-free lights which help you regulate the lighting for perfect images
  • 36w for perfect shots
  • +90 CRI for perfect color selection
  • 5 lbs. in weight, making it easily portable
  • Battery compatible mount
  • 100v-240v power adaptor for charging
  • Light, adjustable light stand for perfect height adjustment
  • Wide 15.5”x3x16 panel dimension to capture a wider scope


  • It is easy to set up and use, just plugging and play
  • It has a large number of long-lasting bulbs
  • It has a wide array of lighting adjustment options giving you a limitless choice of the quality of the picture or video
  • The lights can be dimmed to select the perfect hue and contrast
  • Has both AV and DC power options making it adaptable to both conditions
  • It is portable so it can be used in any location.
  • The strong padded carry bag protects the lights from damage during transportation.


  • It is relatively pricey compared to the other lights on offer.
  • The warranty period is too limited.

Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED Lights

Any photographer worth his name knows the Neewer brand. This versatile brand has remained popular for a long time due to its unique advantages that help bring photos and videos to life. So what makes it stand out? Let’s have a look.


  • 480 white and yellow long-lasting LED lights for longer use.
  • Adjustable U-Mount Bracket that lets the photographer adjust the lighting angle
  • 29w power output
  • +96 CRI indicator
  • AC and DC power options for use in different places
  • Adjustable color temperature knob that allows you to adjust the color temperature
  • Anti-glare feature that prevents reflection of unwanted light
  • Strong carrying bag for storage
  • 1-year warranty


  • Has a wide number of lighting solutions to choose from
  • The u-mount bracket allows the photographer to adjust the lighting angle for a perfect image
  • Has a high CRI of +96 for near perfect images
  • The AC/DC option allows for more power options
  • Weighs 5 pounds, making it easily portable
  • The carrier bag is strong and durable


  • It does not come with a light stand.

Viltrox Ultra-Thin LED Video Light

This ultra-thin video light is perfect for taking videos, ensuring high-quality videos that you will be proudly show off. Here are some of its enduring features that make it ever popular.


  • 132 Lamp beads with an adjustable color temperature array
  • High definition LCD display with a clear interface operation
  • AC and DC power options for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Hot shoe adapter for mounting the flash for better lighting option
  • +95 CRI assures a perfect color selection for higher quality pictures
  • 3 months warranty


  • The color and temperature are easily adjustable to fit image requirement
  • It is very light and easy to use
  • The hot-shoe adapter allows for the flash unit to be accessed easily when needed
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It is quite affordable


  • Does not come with battery charger or adapter
  • The 90 days warranty period is too short


For the perfect professional looking videos and images, these three light enhancers are great for allowing you to come up with great memories. In terms of the quality, all the three give you near perfect photos and videos since they all have a CRI +90 which is as close to the real as can be.

They also have a large number of long-lasting LED bulbs. The StudioPro has the largest number at 600 while the Viltrox has the least.

They also have the AC/DC power options making them compatible for both indoor and outdoor use. They, however, do not come with the batteries; you have to purchase them separately.

They are all light, easily portable, easy to install and use. In terms of accessories, StudioPro has the most number of accessories including the light stand, barn doors, and carrier bag. The Viltrox has fewer accessories and comes neither with a light stand, power adapter nor battery.

As for the price, Viltrox Ultra-thin video lights are the cheapest of the three, retailing at less than a quarter of the price of the StudioPro.


No doubt the importance of lighting in photography cannot be belabored. For clear, sharp and quality pictures and videos, you have to take care of the lighting. The products we have discussed above will offer you the best solutions for your lighting needs.

For or every day high-quality pictures or videos, which do not need a very high level of professionalism, the Viltrox Ultra-thin video light will do just fine. It is also easy on the pocket and you will not feel the pinch too much.

If on the other hand, you want high-quality stills and videos and still save some cash, the Neewer Bi-color lights will give you that.

For the ultimate high-quality, professional pictures and videos, StudioPro Dimmable lights are your best bet. It has full spectrum tungsten and daylight bulbs which are perfectly balanced for the best shot.

Furthermore, it has 600 highly durable bulbs emitting up to 6500 lumens of light that can be dimmed using the convenient dials located at the back. The price should not discourage you, for you get quality for the money, and you will not need a replacement in a long time.