Best Shock Mount for Mics: A support device that you need!

Best Shock Mount for Mics

A shock mount is often used when using a microphone on a stand, to keep vibrations from reaching the microphone’s diaphragm. A shock mount should allow you to record quality sound, without any feedback, noise, or vibrations, to help produce high-quality recordings.

Certain microphones are more sensitive, picking up even the slightest vibrations.Studio microphones are very sensitive to impact noise and vibrations, because they’re made for extended low frequency response.

If these low (bass) frequencies are drowned out by rumble noises, you’ve lost the quality sound you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a clean bass sound, try a shock mount.

Beyond the advantages for which they are intended, shock mounts tend to add a professional look to recording studios. For those who have vocalists who record with them, they may get a better sound from someone who has confidence in your professionalism.

BTOOP Shock Mount with a Pop Filter

First, the BTOOP Shock Mount with a Pop Filterwas designedto get the record-worthy or radio-quality sound you want. When handling a microphone, everyone has heard the tap or boom from moving it from hand to hand, or the plosive, blowing sounds with a ‘p’ or ‘t’ sound.

This shock mount will eliminate those sounds, in addition to floor vibrations. It is ideal for radio broadcasting, sound studios, or recording.

The BTOOP Shock Mount with a Pop Filter, is made of both metal and rubber. It’s about 80 mm long, with an outside diameter of about 95 mm. It holds microphones with diameters of 46 – 53 mm. The pop filter is 8x8x8 mm and works with microphones with diameters of 41 – 61 mm. It weighs about 8 ounces.

When using the BTOOP Shock Mount, you will undoubtedly have to make adjustments, but this shock mount is designed to adjust with a simple twist on the tightening mechanism.

The main purpose of the pop filter is to do away with the plosive sounds mentioned above, hence the “pop”. If you are using it outdoors or with a fan in the room, you shouldn’t have to worry about the blowing sound from a breeze.

This BTOOP Shock Mount with a Pop Filteris made with a foam protective barrier. It will help with protecting your microphone from getting scratched or dented. Adding any shock mount can help with some of the wear and tear on a microphone in the event that it is dropped.


  • Includes a pop filter
  • Provides added cushion with a foam pad
  • Available in black or gray
  • A universal connector adapter is included
  • Holds an 8 mm-sized range of microphones
  • Adds a professional touch for recording studios


  • Will not work for a Blue Yeti microphone or any larger than 53 mm.
  • The binder clip that holds the microphone may not hold heavy equipment.
  • The pop filter is not as durable as the shock mount.

Koolertron Universal 50 mmShock Mount for 48 – 54mm Condenser Microphones

The Koolertron Universal 50 mmMicrophone Shock Mount is a basic shock mount that works for reducing or eliminating the vibrations that can occur during recording or microphone usage. It may not come with many “extras”, but it is useful for the purpose intended. You will definitely be able to notice a difference in sound quality while using this shock mount.

The Koolertron Universal 50 mm Microphone Shock Mountcan be mounted on all standard microphone stands, with thestandard 5/8″-27 thread and a 3/8″-5/8″screw adapter.This adds ease to inserting and removing a microphone, by simply tightening or loosening the screw.

The Koolertron Universal Shock Mountalso has a foam insert intended for added protection from drops or scratches. Also, the angle adjustment with a locking knob adds stability.This shock mount is designed to hold microphones from 48 – 54 mm.

The weight of this shock mount is about 6.4 ounces. It is about 3 ½ x 3 ½ x 5 ½ inches long. You can purchase it in white or black.

Adding a sharp looking shock mount like the Koolertron Universal 50 mm Microphone Shock Mountto your recording studio will assure the vocalist that you’re a professional who is dedicated to quality sound production.


  • Larger condenser microphones will fit in the mount without fear of slipping out
  • Available in black or white
  • Spring mechanism for added security and ease of use
  • Easily adjusted with a screw adapter to fit all standard microphone stands
  • Added padding will help protect a microphone from basic damage from drops or sliding the microphone in and out


  • The screw-in mount is somewhat flimsy and may not hold for heavier microphones.
  • The quality may not hold up it it’s handled too frequently.
  • Is not completely effective for removing the pop or shock sound.

Neewer Universal Microphone Shock Mount

Third, we have the Neewer Universal Microphone Shock Mount. It is effective in eliminating or greatly reducing the undesired noise from microphone stands and vibrations from movement. It looks professional and works nicely for larger condenser microphones.

This shock mount is made of metal and comes in two color choices, black or silver. It is made to eliminate the vibrations that often occur with movement while someone is performing or recording with a microphone.

The Neewer Universal Microphone Shock Mount is made of sturdy metal and weighs in at 7.2 ounces. It is 5.1 x 3.5 x 3.9 inches. It is made to fit microphones that are from 43 – 46 mm in diameter.

The interior of this shock mount is lined with cloth to eliminate scratches to your equipment. It has a die-cast steel adapter with 5/8” – 27 threads. If you need to attach it to any mic boom, its adjustable angle locking knob allows just that.

The Neewer Universal Microphone Shock Mount is designed for larger, condenser microphones and to reduce all the extra handling and movement noise and vibrations. If you’re in the market for a shock mount that works well for producing sound without feedback, vibration, or other added noises, this shock mount is a solid choice.


  • Sturdy metal design for extra durability
  • Padded foam inside the barrel for extra protection against drops and scrapes
  • Fits most average to large microphones
  • Adjustable angle with a locking knob
  • Available in black or silver


  • Elastic bands may wear out with time
  • Lesser range for size of microphone diameter than other comparable shock mounts


Upon researching all the features of these three shock mounts, the BTOOP Shock Mount With a Pop Filter seems to include the most desirable features. All three choices have features in common, but BTOOP provides the filter with most weight and durability.

It comes with the pop filter, but also seems to add the most protection for the microphone, due to the hood-like design of the construction. Also, it will work on the greatest range of sizes of microphones out of the three.