Camera Accessories

Camera Accessories

Are you passionate about different types of cameras and enjoy recording videos? Then you know that for the best experience you need to have an amazing result of good-quality material.

Using the cameras by themselves might not be enough for the desired result. That’s why many brands frequently produce accessories that you can purchase and include to your process of recording videos that will make things easier for you.

Below you will find some examples of what accessories you can choose depending on what cameras you are using and what you are wishing to improve.

Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

If you are on the hunt for a smart device that will let you shoot videos wirelessly, then you should take a look at the RodeLink Filmmaker Kit. This brand is known for creating the next generation of systems that work wirelessly.

This can monitor and hop in a constant manner between the frequencies for a strong signal that goes up to 100 meters (this means over 100 yards). This Filmmaker Kit has everything that you might need for a wireless shooting. The kit has included a transmitter, a lavalier and a receiver.

The transmitter (TX-Belt) is very light and weighs 190 grams. You can easily attach this transmitter to your clothing. This item has a locking system that will make sure that the connection with the microphone is secured.

It works on batteries (two of AA batteries) or with a micro USB. Also, regarding the meter range, it has an antenna that assures up to 100 meters range.

The receiver (RX-CAM) will take the audio signal that can come from 8 different channels. You can attach this to the camera or to your clothing. The display can show you the battery and the selections of channels. The receiver will transmit the audio to your camera. Like the transmitter, it works with batteries or microUSB.

The lavalier microphone included can also be attached to any object or to the clothing because it is really small and it weighs only 1 gram. The audio will be sent using the transmitter to the receiver. No matter what type of voice the subject that is speaking has, the lavalier will record a quality audio.

This system will come in handy any time you want to shoot a video and you want to do this wirelessly. All the items can be attached individually to different objects or clothing of the subject.

ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer

Are you looking for an object that can help you with the way your videos turn out? Everyone likes to watch videos that have a good quality and look professionally made. It is important to have smooth scenes that look stabilized.

You can try to purchase this stabilizer and use it if you are recording videos when you are walking around, driving or even doing extreme sports, for a good quality result.

The stabilizer from Roxant can be used with different brands like Canon, Nikon, Pentax. You can attach your DSLR or even your SLR only if it has maximum 2.1 lbs.

This item has a solid construction and a sleek design with a special feature that will prevent slipping. This grip is situated on the lower arm of the stabilizer and will reduce any fatigue, no matter how long is the shot.

There are 3 different counterweights that are also separated and assure balance on more levels. The stabilizer has a no-shake system that can make your videos look like real films.

Compared to more stabilizers, this one will give more stability, indifferently to the motion that you use. The same benefits come from this stabilizer, no matter how much shaking there is.

Overall, this device is the best option for everyone who wants to take their filmmaking to a superior level. You can now shoot any video like a professional and have high-quality results. The price is also pocket-friendly for any person who is passionate about recording videos and likes investing in equipment that will generate better outcomes.

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

Are you looking for a mount that you can use to attach to your camera from GoPro? This clamp mount has a compatibility with all the cameras from GoPro. You can now take your GoPro camera anywhere and attach it to most objects that you can think of. If the selected object has between 0.25 and 2 inches (this means 0.6-5 centimeters) in diameter, then the mounting can be easily done.

The package has included a neck that you can adjust to your own liking and a flex clamp. If you want a low-profile mounting, you can attach the GoPro to the clamp directly. If you are interested in a wider angle for the GoPro, then you can count on the optional neck.

The interesting design of the jaws allows them to grip onto any shapes of the objects (even as thin as a pen). The strap that is adjustable is the one that allows the grip to be secure. The clamp mount has an easy and quick release that will allow you to take your GoPro camera and move it wherever you want, on different mounts or places.

The dimensions for this interesting extra device are 10″ x 7″ x 2″ / 25.4 x 17.8 x 5.1cm (when we take into consideration L x W x H). It is really easy to handle thanks to its weight (only 267 grams).

Considering all of the above-mentioned information, this is a great element that you can include into your collection of accessories for your GoPro cameras. It also has a convenient price and if you can afford to invest in a GoPro, then you can probably purchase this item because it will bring overwhelming benefits.


Whether you are using a DSLR, an SLR, or even a GoPro camera, you should know that there are many different camera accessories that you can purchase for a better quality of your videos.

If you want the final result to be praised with nice reviews, then think about what will increase the quality of the recorded material and invest in different accessories to work like a professional.