DBPower EX5000 Action Camera Review

DBPower EX5000 Action Camera ReviewAction cameras or action-cams are a big hit nowadays. According to market estimates, by 2019, action camera sales will surpass all other types of cameras. That is because they record an excellent quality video even if you are moving fast—a unique feature that is not possible with any other type of cameras. Also, these are usually compact cameras, but sturdy and waterproof. They mostly record in time-lapse or burst mode and record video with the point of view of the person. They can also be mounted to helmets, bikes, or surfboards.

In addition, most of the latest models record in a 4K mode, which is even better quality video. Thus, if you are into extreme sports, or simply want to record all the outdoor activities you do while biking, running, jumping, or whatever, you can do this in style with the help of action cameras. However, here is the catch—action cameras from the top camera brands are expensive. As action cameras are not all-purpose cameras, most people use it only a few times a year and don’t want to spend a lot on these cameras.

Here is the good news though. You can also find some low-cost alternatives that provide you with the same features and quality as some expensive brands. One of such is the DBPower EX5000 action camera

DBPower EX5000

DBPower is a Chinese brand that is known for its low-priced but high-quality consumer electronics products. DBPower Ex5000 is one of its most popular action camera models.


This 3.5 x 8 x 2 inches and 1.15 pounds camera allows you to record video in high 1080HD and 30 FPS resolution that is enough for an excellent quality video. In addition, it comes with a remarkable 14 megapixels capturing capabilities for still images. This means you can capture very high details in both still photos and recorded videos.

It also comes with plenty of output options that include USB, HDMI, and WiFi. The LCD screen is two inches in size with a 170-degree, wide-angle fisheye lens. You can use the display screen to record or playback the recorded video. You can also use your smartphone to control your camera by downloading and installing a free app called FinalCam. The package also contains two 900mAh lithium batteries that provide you enough time to capture longer videos.

The DBPower EX5000 is compatible with 60+ mounts of the same brand, and also of GoPro Hero and a few other brands. It also uses advanced anti-shake technology and smart image stabilization that allows you to capture a high-quality video while racing, riding, skiing, or jumping. The camera is also equipped with four capture modes that include single, 2s timer, 5s timer, and 10s timer.


  • No need to purchase batteries
  • Image resolution is better than many advanced models
  • Videos can be recorded up to 100 feet (around 30 meters) under the water
  • Easy to wear and mount, carry around, store, and use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dual viewing capabilities
  • Compatible with several accessories


  • Output options do not contain Bluetooth
  • Storage limit is up to 32GB card

Summary of What the Product is All About

DBPOWER EX5000 is a quality action camera that allows you to record high-quality HD videos of all the outdoor activities you can have. The best feature is its affordable price that will enable people with a low budget to enjoy the features offered by expensive brands like GoPro.

With such a low price tag, you can also have a spare battery, multiple mounts (bicycle, helmet), and plenty of other attachments. Likewise, the output options are the same as any other models that you can find in the market, except for Bluetooth. In addition, the extremely waterproof casing allows you to record underwater videos without any hassle. Even though storage limit is a little less than some other advanced options, that would be enough storage to record a lot of action.

Comparison with Another Action Camera

You can find plenty of action-cam models from some of the best camera brands out there. One of the most popular action camera series is GoPro Hero. So, let’s see how DBPOWER EX5000 performs when compared to it.

If we compare one of the recent GoPro models, GoPro Hero5, we can find many similarities as well as differences with DBPOWER EX5000. To start with, one of the biggest difference is the price as GoPro models are usually expensive. On average, the price of GoPro models is five to six times higher compared to DBPOWER models. So, you obviously have to sacrifice on some features if you are buying DBPOWER to save money.

One of the most prominent differences is video resolution. DBPOWER EX5000 captures video at 1080P/30fps which is a good quality, but GoPro Hero5 captures video at 4K/30fps which is even better. On the other hand, when it comes to still images, DBPOWER EX5000 is better with 14MP image resolution while GoPro Hero5 offers 12 MP image resolution. Next comes storage capacity, which is more in Hero5 (128GB card) compared to EX5000 (32GB card).

However, if you are into water sports, EX5000 is a better option as it comes with a waterproof case that will allow you to use the camera under a body of water at a depth of 30 meters, but Hero5 comes with a limit of only 10 meters. They both offer almost the same output features with HDMI, USB, and WiFi options, but Hero5 has additional Bluetooth options. Overall, GoPro Hero5 is a more advanced camera, but if you are looking for the best value proposition, DBPOWER EX5000 is a clear winner.


Simply put, DBPOWER EX5000 is a decent camera that features almost all advanced options offered by expensive brands like GoPro, but at a very affordable price. With its sturdy and waterproof case, it is also an excellent action camera for water sports and underwater recording. In addition, the package contains a lot of accessories like charging cables, brackets, mounts, clips, and two batteries.

All in all, DBPOWER EX5000 offers you the best value for your money. It is a perfect choice for those on a budget and looking for a cheaper but a good quality action camera.