Filming: Top Filmmaking Equipment You Cannot Afford to Miss

Top Filmmaking Equipment You Cannot Afford to Miss

Godox Led 64

Godox Led 64 On-Camera is a one of a kind camera panel light that comes with a number of attractive attributes. It has camcorder that carries a led panel video lighting for your DSLR camera. The product has all the essentials it needs to do a great job so your pictures can come out looking their best.


  • Interlocking feature

The Godox Led 64 On-Camera panel light has interlocking features so that you can keep control on how bright you want the light to shine. The multi-lamp array will give you contrast lighting so you can use your camera best in every situation. Will give you long light service as well.

  • Portability

The Godox weighs only 130g (0.28 lb) and so it is easily portable. It is not bulky in size and so you can easily carry it by hand to do your rounds.

  • Battery operated

The device operates using 4 AA batteries. The batteries tend to last up to 100 hours.


The Godox is top filmmaking equipment you cannot afford to miss out on and it carries out its job with accuracy and precision. Its various features are powerful and you can depend on this apparatus to take your pictures to the next level.


  • FlashPoint

The Godox was compared with FlashPoint model and we found out that the FlashPoint features are a bit different. For one, FlashPoint uses 87000m AH batteries to operate unlike Godox that uses AA batteries.

  • Flashpoint CL – 1300B Led PanelLight

Flashpoint CL – 1300B Led PanelLight can be used with up to four different units all at the same time. The CL carries a cooling gear apparatus that leaves subject and surrounding area cool even during a meeting. Godox has none of the above features seen with Flashpoint CL.


Although Godox Led 65 On-Camera panel light may come up short of some features in relations to other devices selling on the market, still it is a cutting edge device that is worth owning. You can use this device to carry out your picture taking assignments, interviews and record meetings with it.

iOgrapher Filmmaking Kit

Are you looking for a suitable accessory to complete your work in efficiency and style? If your answer is yes then we recommend to you the iOgrapher Fimmaking Kit that is specially designed to use with your iPhone Plus and 6 Plus devices.


Features of the iOgrapher Filmmaking Kit are exceptional and you can take your video making to a higher level of professionalism. Even if you are a beginner video maker, this apparatus will fit into your plan easily because it is so easy to handle and you can gain a whole lot of knowledge from just using it along with your iPhone Plus and 6 Plus apparatuses.

  • Wide lenses

The wide double telephoto lenses that you carry in the case are suitable for your unique photo taking and they will leave a memorable impression on your clients. Therefore, capture the moment with your wide lenses videotaping and your pictures will always come out looking great.

  • Multiple accessories

The video device section can use multiple accessories such as microphones, lights, lenses and your personal iPhones. Since it carries various accessories, you can have live tapings and broadcasting because of the apps it carries.


iOgrapher is the one-of-a-kind innovative video making technology kit to own because of its awesome capabilities that you can use to enhance your experience. The videotaping experience remains steady when using and you do not have to put up with shaking that ends up compromising result outputs.


We compared two other products with the iOgrapher to see if it is competitive enough against other devices in its niche. The two video camcorders we compared it with are the Sony PMW-300 One XDCam and Panasonic AG-HPX250 to see how each one fare out against the iOgrapher.

  • Sony PMW-300 One XDCam

The Sony PMW-300 One XDCam has multiple camera functions like the iOgrapher does. It has interchangeable lens suitable for a number of occasions.

  • Panasonic AG-HPX250

The Panasonic AG-HPX250 has a number of functions that you can take advantage of. Functions include optical image stabilizer, 22x Zoom length technology, manual control ratings, storage and recording capacity area as well as a range stretch that blocks unwanted shadows that might otherwise spoil the video shoot.


The iOgrapher Filmmaking Kit is a handy case to carry around easily. With this case in hand, you have all the filming essentials in your hands to use anytime you want.

The Ulanzi Smartphone Video Rig

You can become one step closer to your filmmaking career when you use the Smartphone Video Rig that is just ideal for videotaping those memorable occasions. Your experience behind the camera can take on a whole new meaning and you can bring joy to your audience lives as well.


  • Double handle grip hold

The double handle grip hold makes it convenient for you to shoot your pictures with ease. The handles are conveniently placed on the device by the manufacturer because of its advantageous grip hold, which is unlike others in its niche that may be awkward to handle because of their single handedness.

  • Multiple attachments

The rig comes with multiple attachments on it so you can use different items when you choose to do so. With the attachment areas, you can use your lighting, microphone and two metal shoe mount that will keep your Smartphone camera firmly in place so you take get great pictures.

  • Shoots excellent images

If you are a beginner filmmaker and want to go on to the next level then the Ulanzi rig is just right for you because it produces great shoots. Therefore, take advantage of this prestigious rig from Ulanzi and beat the odds in filming innovation.


The Ulanzi video rig works well with your Smartphone and you can take it anywhere you want to go. You can use it for filming anywhere and at anytime of the day or night because it is made to function when you want it to.


How does the other Smartphone rigs on the market compare to Ulanzi video rig? We researched two rigs to see if there are any differences. The two are Shoulderpod R1 Pro Smartphone Rig and BeastGrip Pro.

  • Shoulderpod R1 Pro Smartphone Rig

The Shoulderpod rig like the Ulanzi rig is multitalented because you can attach more than one accessory to it at the same time. However, it carries only one handle and this makes the Ulanzi rig that has two handles easier to deal with.

  • BeastGrip Pro

The BeastGrip Pro is easy to handle and it works well with your Smartphone accessories. It can accommodate other phones as well. It has adjustable mounts made from springs so that making phones attachment is very easy.


Unlike some video rigs that might fail you when the times come to put them to good use, the Ulanzi Smartphone rig is a dependable type of equipment you can depend on because it gets the job done right the first time around.


The market today has some of the best top filmmaking equipment you cannot afford to miss out on and you can get them at reasonable prices. Therefore, instead of settling for second place, why not settle for the best and come out a winner.