Filmmaking: What is Camera Stabilizer?

What is Camera Stabilizer

Filming can be a challenging task and you need all the help you can get to make your movie a most talk-of-the-town motion picture. For most movie lovers, the type of picture you put on the screen is most important to them. You might have a great motion picture on your hand but if the picture is bad, you are setting up yourself for some serious negative criticisms about what you are producing and as you know, only the best is good enough.

Since the movie making business is a very competitive field, you have to be at your best to survive in it. In fact, to make your career a successful one as a camera man, you will have to produce great looking pictures.

Therefore, for you to hit the nail right on the head and film a movie that all people will love and enjoy watching, you will have to have the right equipment to do so and a stabilizer that works well with your camera might just be what you are looking for.

In addition, understanding every area of your equipment is a must for you, especially if you want to be on the cutting edge and your stabilized camera on the job is your best friend. So what is a camera stabilizer?

A camera stabilizer

What is a camera stabilizer? At times you may be filming from one spot and you might want your camera to remain steady during a shoot. You therefore need to keep the camera stabilized in one position, hence, the need for a camera stabilizer.

The stabilizer is a device that manufacturer made that when the camera is mounted on it, it will stay in one place. Not only do movie cameramen use a stabilizer with their camera, but professional photographers as well.

Why use a stabilizer

There are times you might be filming a movie and wants to do so from a certain location on the set. However, you might be prone to a number of things such as tiredness from lifting your camera during shooting or ‘camera shakes,’ which has to do with unwanted camera movements. Hence, the right thing to do is to use a stabilizer to help you out.

Here are three main reasons why a stabilizer is best for you.

You can maintain your position

You may want to do some footage shooting from in the air or on the ground and finding it difficult to do so. Using a stabilizer to mount your camera on will help you get the right shot you need to get the job done in style and excellence. Just by simple tilting the stabilizer’s arm upward or downward, you take plenty hassle out of doing much physical body movement.


Every cameraman regardless of which niche he belongs to often needs camera stability and you are no exception to the rule. The stabilizer will allow you to point your camera in any direction quickly and easily so that you can capture the action during filming.

In fact, this is why it is called a stabilizer because it can make your camera becomes stable and remove some stressful physical movement that you would have to do to carry out the filming process.


Versatility is another trademark of the camera stabilizer. As a professional cameraman, flexibility is a necessary factor in your line of work. In addition, some stabilizers allow you the privilege of adding your microphone, strobes and other necessary equipment to it.

How to shoot with a stabilizer

Shooting a motion picture with a stabilizer can be fun but tricky so here are some things you need to know. If you have to walk when shooting a scene, then walk carefully and try not to accidentally bump into anything.

To make filming easier, you can use a tripod that has a quick release so you can remove the camera quickly and effortlessly. The quick release tripod also helps with balancing as well so your equipment does not fall over at a crucial time during the shoot. These methods help to save time so you can get through your filming for the day easier.

Another way to use a stabilizer for great movie shoots is for you to keep a healthy distance away from the person you are filming. If you stay too close to him or her, you can spoil the shoot.

Your subject should be the main focus in your shoot and so you must do everything in your power to get the best of him or her on camera. Therefore, instead of you moving around all the time let him or her move into focus. You can do so by working out a time when the subject should start moving towards the camera.

Above all, think about your audience when you are using a stabilizer. You can ask some of your movie fans what they think about your previous movies. Were the shots great? Use their feedback to solidly build greater experience in your niche and eventually you will become a better camera filming expert.

After all, your audience is your paycheck and so you have to do your best to earn their trust, so therefore you have to make sure to capture awesome images that appeal to them.


Knowing what is camera stabilizer and the job it does will really put you one step closer to success in your filming career. Your motion picture shoots will be better managed and you can maneuver more easily. In addition, you will have less stress of catching the subject at the right angle. Your audience will just love you because of the fine pictures you produce.

Using a stabilizer with your trusty camera can really help your career finally take off and you do not have to worry about making too many mistakes because it will do its job well. You will not feel so fatigued using the device and your filming can take on a whole new level. This is your big opportunity to shine so go for it as you put your stabilizer to good use.