Hausbell 302S FHD Infrared Night Vision 1080p 24 MP Digital Camcorder Review

Hausbell 302S FHD Infrared Night Vision 1080p 24 MP Digital Camcorder Review

With impressive HD quality recording, the Hausbell 302S FHD Infrared Night Vision 1080p 24 MP Digital Camcorder is one of the recommended options for the ultimate control. With an included remote control, the camcorder can represent one of the best options for users looking to maximize independence and mobility.

The Hausbell 302S FHD Infrared Night Vision 1080p 24 MP Digital Camcorder can also prove to be one of the most interesting cameras for vloggers who don’t have the ability to have a dedicated cameraman. This makes it one of the recommended options when pursuing self-recording and can be one of the best options for some difficult angles as well. This is all based on the remote-based control of the device.


  • Full HD recording
  • 24 MP sensor
  • HDMI output
  • Remote control


  • 3” touchscreen
  • 270 degrees screen rotation
  • Plays images on TV with HDMI and AV cables
  • USB connectivity
  • Compact design
  • Wireless controls


Not the best option for photos


The camcorder offers plenty of interesting features. Many of its characteristics are borrowed from professional alternatives and the good news is that this can mean you can enjoy good quality results with some advanced controls such as the remote control option.

Having this wireless control can mean that you can even use the camera from different angles and positions which will allow you to create the perfect setup before recording. Even more, the camcorder can be an option for vloggers of users who don’t have the time or the capabilities to hire a dedicated camera person.

Since it comes with a compact design that is also capable of offering great quality HD recordings, the camcorder can also represent a good option as a second camera. It would work for professionals or people looking to have a quick backup which is ready to go without any special settings.

This makes it highly attractive for a number of users and can thus be one of the recommended options even for the home and the professional users.

The camera uses a powerful 24 MP sensor which is around the market average in terms of pixel density. Since you will be able to record images at a large resolution, you can also make the most of the HDMI connectivity and connect the camcorder to your TV.

If you are looking to playback the recordings on a PC, you can use the USB connectivity to play the images on the computer. The advanced built-in screen of the camera will also allow you to play the images on the camcorder.

And with a touchscreen design, this can mean that you will be able to use it with ease for the best settings or preferences. The screen of the camcorder also comes with good adjustability. You’ll be able to set it with angles of up to 270 degrees.

The main strength of the camera lies in the remote control. Since you can find similar sensors on the market, you can also find other options which might suit your needs.

But the remote control can represent a different approach. This is why if you are unsure about the purchase you need to ask yourself if you will need the remote control and if you are going to truly use it.

Making the most of the camera’s design will mean that you need to use it at its best and this is with the remote control.


When it comes to using the best option on the market, you will be left choosing between sensors, image quality and versatile designs. This is why you can compare the Hausbell camcorder to the ANDEX camcorder to see which designs suits you the best.

Both cameras come with very similar sensors with a similar pixel density. You will also see that both cameras offer the same 270 degrees screen adjustability.

Even more, both cameras will work to determine the best images and have them copied to your personal computer. However, the Hausbell camcorder can also connect to a TV through the HDMI port. This can represent a small advantage for some users.

But the main difference for most users will lie in the remote control capability.  This is why you can find the best solution for your needs depending if you need of if you don’t need the remote control.

If you want to handle the camera with the built-in controls, the ANDEX camera can represent a good option. If you want to have the added liberty of the remote control, you can find the Hausbell camcorder can be the best option, especially in this range.


The Hausbell 302S FHD Infrared Night Vision 1080p 24 MP Digital Camcorder can be one of the interesting options when you try to capture HD videos with a compact design. The camera can also take still pictures but this is not at the level you may expect.

Many users feel disappointed by the still pictures but the camcorder’s main purpose is to record videos. If you need high-quality photos, you may need to look elsewhere.

If you need quick photos and don’t want to miss an opportunity to take them while using the camcorder, this is where the option can prove handy.

The camcorder can be one of the best solutions for people looking to maximize quick HD recordings. The added remote control will mean you’ll have the ability to improve your overall performance and that you’ll even be able to record yourself with personal projects such as vlogs.

The important characteristic which makes this possible comes with the remote control but also with the powerful sensor which will work with all types of recordings and even in low light conditions. The device will also prove to be up to date with a few of the latest technologies.

These include the HDMI connectivity and the built-in touchscreen which can further improve the user experience. The best part is that the camera can be one of the recommended options both for the home user in need of a quality device and for the professional either as a first device or as a solid backup.