How To Choose A DSLR Camera When You Are Overwhelmed With A Lot Of Options

How To Choose A DSLR CameraIn this day and age, there is a wide variety of DSLR cameras available. There was a time where DSLR cameras are considered pricey, making it hard for beginners to acquire one. Now, technology has evolved in such a way that buying a camera is within easy reach and not too hard on the pockets. If you are considering to buy a camera for hobby or work, then it is essential that you know how to choose a DSLR camera. We have enumerated below various tips to help you on your DSLR sojourn.

Things to Consider in Choosing Your Camera


First and foremost, it is significant to know your motivation in considering this type of camera. Once you determined your purpose, it would be easier for you to look for models or brands that have most, if not all of the specifications that you need.

For example, if you will be using your camera while traveling, then you should consider something portable and easy to pack. When you do your shopping in a store, sellers would often ask where you will be using your camera most. This will help them gauge and recommend the right brand, model, and specifications.

Image Quality

Another thing that you may need to consider is the camera’s image quality. If you use your photos for work or business, then you must look for a camera that produces high-quality photos. High-end cameras have larger image sensors, taking a shot with lesser noise and making their outputs clearer.

Price Point

Not all DSLR cameras are created equal. Some are priced higher than the other. As discussed, how to choose a DSLR camera does not solely fall on price, but if the price is a concern, then it is good to start with canvassing different models and listing down the various prices. By doing it this way, you will be able to narrow down and determine which cameras are within your budget.

It will also make it easier for you to make choices and compare specifications. We have to be real that price is a significant factor when choosing your camera. It is recommended that you set a budget and stick with it.

You may come across some high end and expensive cameras during your search, but there are reasonably priced ones that still have good specifications. You just need to know where to look.


In addition to the price point, it is also good to consider the packages or bundles that stores have to offer. Some stores would offer nice add-ons when you buy your camera in cash. You should take advantage of these deals. If you compute all the freebies together, then you will see that you can get a good bargain.

Some stores offer free memory cards, discount for an additional lens, batteries, filters and even camera bags. There are also other stores that would offer discounts when you pay in cash instead of a card. It does not hurt to ask or even haggle a little bit. The few dollars that you can be saving is still significant.


Another thing to note is that size matters. You will be surprised that there are a lot of cameras out there in varying sizes. It might be hard to pick one, but if you know the size of the camera that you like, then it will narrow down your choices.

Remember that small and compact DSLR cameras may have fewer specifications or features. It is not always the case though because some brands have already made compact but powerful cameras. However, it can sometimes be priced on the expensive side.

Previous Camera Gears

If it is not your first time to own a DSLR camera, then you should think about your old camera gears before you scour for a new one. You might be surprised that camera gears including accessories have a wide range of compatibility. You may not need to buy some of the accessories if your old gear is compatible. Thus, it is always best to check compatibility.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an upgrade, then you can always sell your old gear to fund the new one. There is a myriad of forums and online marketplace which can help you sell your old camera accessories, lenses, and gears.

Consider Future Upgrades

Earlier, we discussed your old camera gears, and now we need to delve into future upgrades. It pays to think about the future, especially with your camera purchase. If you foresee that you will be doing a lot of upgrades in the near future, then pick a camera that is easy to work with when it comes to upgrades.

You should know that cameras tend to grow out of date fast. This is because newer models get released every so often. If you are a rookie in the camera world, then it is best to start with a basic camera and lens. From there, you can add accessories and build your camera gear. Always keep in mind your purpose to help you pick the right accessories and of course camera model.

Other Camera Features

Once you get started looking and researching, you may feel overwhelmed by the extra features by various DSLR cameras. Do not fret. You can approach this challenge with confidence by learning the different features available.

Aside from the basic settings, other features include LCD size, anti-shake, burst speed, connectivity, and flash. All of these features may already be included in your camera, but there are basic cameras that do not have the features mentioned above. Always check the specifications to be sure you know what you are getting.

How to Choose a DSLR Camera: The Conclusion

Buying a new camera is always an exciting thing to do. You may feel overwhelmed with all the choices, but that is perfectly okay. As long as you do your research, read reviews and spend time scouring the market then you will be fine.

If you know someone who is good with photography, then you can ask them to tag along while you do your search. They may be able to give you some valuable input that you would not normally get by reading reviews or blogs online. In the end, your camera will be an integral part of your life so choose wisely!