LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit Review

LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting KitVideo logging is a popular way of expressing one’s self through social media, especially since you don’t need a solid script and steady funding to get started on this particular platform. You may, however, require equipment, like the LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit, that will help enhance the visuals of your vlogs and can help your target audience see your message clearly.

Some vlogs involve going outdoors and filming road trips and food samplings while some would focus on delivering tips and tricks in doing this and that skills. A few vlogs even include entire curriculums for business leadership, cooking, and even college courses, effectively making the Internet an infinitely expansive university, and their studios, their personal classrooms.

It is the instructional kind of vlogging that can benefit the most from softbox lightning set-ups as it helps to adjust the background lighting, especially when partnered with the best studio cameras there is. Softbox lighting set-ups also lend a tangible sense of professionalism, especially if your audience will see them from time to time while your video is running or inside blooper reels.

Features of the LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit

This softbox lighting kit includes the following:

  • Three 5 inches by 10 inches muslin backdrop that comes in green, black and white.
  • A pair height-adjustable photo and video studio light stand with a solid locking system.
  • A pair of height-adjustable backdrop support stand with a 10-feet crossbar and comes in a durable muslin stand carry bag.
  • A pair of height-adjustable heavy duty light stand.
  • A powerful 45W full spectrum CFL light bulb with a regular screw base.
  • An AC socket light stand mount umbrella holder
  • A 24-inch softbox reflector with a light holder and is made of high-quality nylon
  • A 33-inch studio white umbrella lighting reflector for neutral color temperatures. This comes with an adjustable light head and a snow white translucent reflector.
  • Several 3.75-inch muslin backdrop clamps and a backdrop ring holder.

All of these come in a large carry bag that is made of premium quality nylon and is water-resistant. The whole set-up of this lighting kit is focused on user-convenience and is made of high-quality materials.


  • The portability of this softbox lighting kit is great for quick outdoor shoots, and its performance is comparable with higher end models.
  • This studio lighting kit is a good entry level kit for enthusiasts and amateurs alike, especially with the level of performance that it brings.
  • The items in the kit are well-made and easy to use.
  • The backdrops snap on easily using the clamps that are provided for in the kit.


  • Setting up the entire kit and taking them down afterward can take a lot of time, but this is expected with any lighting kit as this equipment is highly sensitive, so extra care should be given when handling it.
  • The carrying case is just one big bag with a side zipper that makes organization hard and the different equipment tumbling about can create quite a mess.
  • The included backdrops are a little short for standing portraits, but it is perfect for seated shots and family photos.
  • The top crossbar for the backdrops is a bit flimsy and difficult to put together.


Everything in the LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit aims to create a soft, and yet evenly spread out lighting stream for your photo and video set-up, enabling you to have the ideal shooting condition when it comes to lighting and warmth. Each piece of this lightning kit is well-thought of and is optimized to provide the best lighting condition.

The diffusers filter the negative lighting elements while the reflectors increase the amount of continuous light unto the subject, giving the portrait more depth and character as compared to pictures taken without using a softbox kit. The high wattage bulb of this model lets you play around with the light that it emits thus affording you effects that you would only otherwise get using high-end kits and set-ups.


The Neewer Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit comes close to the performance that the LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit can deliver. The Neewer Softbox Kit includes the same number of backdrops, as well as umbrella reflectors and backdrop clamps. It even comes with a carrying bag, much like the LimoStudio kit.

The Neewer Softbox comes with diffusers and reflectors that provide a continuous light on the subject while straining to reflect light from other sources, preventing flash flares and dark spots on the final picture.


The LimoStudio Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit is the better choice between the two products mentioned above, mostly due to the performance as well as the quality of the materials used to make the kit.

The performance of the LimoStudio kit can be compared to higher-end models while the performance of the Neewer kit is more apt for amateurs. The former is also lighter than the latter, which means it is more portable and can be carried easily, especially into an outdoor location for shoots and what-not.

The LimoStudio kit also comes with sturdier backdrop support, especially since it comes with a durable and sturdy crossbar, along with several clamps that lock the backdrop into place. The backdrop sheets may look a little too thin and flimsy for outdoor use, but it does not affect the overall performance at all.


Softbox lighting kits when partnered with a good camera always result in a professional looking video that can be packaged and released as instructional material for the venerable, yet modern vlogger. These kits can create a lightning environment which is suitable for the type of video being recorded, while outside, it can be used to diffuse glare, taking out negative lighting elements while still giving out the best effects possible.

While this equipment is not necessary for outdoor vlogging, it may come in handy for other purposes like portrait, food and family photography. Different backdrops can also be used to inject a form of creativity into the whole picture via green screen technology, which adds to the benefit of owning a softbox kit.