Neewer Portable Filmmaker System: Mobile Filmmaking Made Fun!

Neewer Portable Filmmaker SystemA lot of people venture into professional filmmaking or join the growing segment of vlogosphere, the realm of vlogs or blog in video form. Some find it difficult to start especially since the gear and equipment you need for this activity can be quite expensive. The good thing is that there are various products available on the market that can aid you in your interest. If you have a good backbone for your camera like the Neewer Portable Filmmaker System, then you can start shooting and filming with ease.


  • Lightweight and Portable

When you are just starting out, chances are you do not have a film and production crew in tow. This means you need to learn how to carry different equipment and materials to various shooting locations. This can be problematic when you are just a one-man team shooting all the scenes. If you have something like the Neewer Portable Filmmaker System, then you will be on the advantage.

This product is lightweight so you can easily lug it around. You just need to mount your camera or camcorder and start filming. The fact that it is lightweight at 3.62 lbs ensure that you will not have any trouble filming for long hours.

  • Customizable Design and Build

When it comes to gear and equipment, we want something that can be flexible and is durable and able. We want to use equipment that is easy to handle and can get the job done. This portable filmmaker system is built in such a way that you can fully customize it with add-ons. You can add or remove components depending on your need and preference.

This feature is essential if you will be using different components during the filmmaking process. You just need to ensure the compatibility with the gear before you purchase it.

  • Compatibility

Another great feature of this product is compatibility. Have you ever experienced doubting that the accessories you buy for your camera do not fit or fail to work due to compatibility issues? Well, forego the agony and the hassle of finding a replacement. This filmmaker system is compatible with most SLRs, video cameras, and camcorders.

  • Balance, Stability, and Ergonomics

If you will be shooting for long hours, then the chances of your arms tiring out are high. You should stick with equipment that provides balance and at the same time is ergonomic. This product is stable enough for you to move around with ease and to shoot in precarious locations. The last thing that you want is a shaky video. It is also stable without being too heavy for your arms or shoulders.

This system also comes with a stabilizing shoulder rig and soft shoulder mount. The shoulder mount can prevent your arms or shoulder from fatigue. In addition, this Portable Filmmaker System has a modular setup that works for left- or right-handed people.

  • On-the-Go and Mobile Filmmaking

With its design, this equipment comes in handy for mobile filmmaking. You can use it to achieve smooth sweeping videos. It is also stable enough that the output will not appear to be shaky. Since it is easy to setup and lug around, you can pretty much shoot and film anywhere with ease and precision.

  • Complete Package

When you buy this equipment, it already comes with a rail rod system, shoulder mount, and dual-hand handgrip system. You do not need to buy extra accessories and materials to start your film. You can easily set it up and start shooting.


  • Comes in two colors: red and blue
  • Seamless and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Balanced and stable
  • Easy to customize
  • Best for mobile filmmaking
  • Compatible with left- or right-handed people
  • Has a wide range of compatibility including camcorders, SLRs, and video cameras
  • Affordable as compared to other available products
  • Great for beginners


  • Can only support a limited amount of weight


In hindsight, the Neewer Portable Filmmaking System is a great beginner rig. If you do not have a lot of money to spare but want to invest in your filmmaking activities, then this is the right product for you. It is nice that it comes in a complete package, so you do not have to worry much about other materials. However, if you do want to customize and put add-ons, then it is also possible. It is compatible with a lot of different makes and models so you would not have any problem at all.

The only downside is that it can only support a limited amount of weight so be wary of that. You can try to use a camera with more weight, but you have to ensure that there is a heavier counterweight.


The good thing about filmmaker rigs is that there are so many options for it. If you want a similar setup with a different brand, then you can consider Dazzne Portable Filmmaker System. This particular system is also lightweight at 5.1 lbs, making it suitable for continuous and long hours of filming. It also works with different cameras, SLRs, and camcorders so you would not have any problem with compatibility.

The Dazzne Portable Filmmaker System is also built in such a way that it is easy and also comfortable to use. The shoulder mount has soft rubber pads which not only provide comfort and reduce fatigue but also aid in stabilization. This way, you do not get shaky videos during filming.

If you want something similar but a different brand, then the Dazzne Portable Filmmaker System is something you should also consider.


To sum it all up, if you need a nicely priced mount for your filmmaking needs, then the Neewer Portable Filmmaker System can be your go-to equipment. It works with different cameras, video recorders, and SLRs. It also has a lot of features to aid you in shooting even if you are just a one-man team.

Do not get overwhelmed with the different varieties of rigs available. You just need to do your research and read your reviews. Overall, it still depends on how you use your gear. Once you test your unit, you will be able to know if this setup or product works for you.