RAINBOWDAY Night Vision Digital Camcorder Review

RAINBOWDAY Night Vision Digital Camcorder Review

If you are ready to take video recording to the next level, then you should start exploring your options. We all know how confusing it can be to purchase a camcorder, right? There are a lot of features and choices that you are presented with, but that should not be a problem when you know what to look for.

The RAINBOWDAY Night Vision Digital Camcorder is an excellent piece of equipment that can get you started. This camcorder has various features that can work for you whether it is for casual vlogging or a professional work.

The RAINBOWDAY Night Vision Digital Camcorder


  • High definition digital camcorder

When it comes to recording videos, we want vivid and quality output. To achieve this, we need the right specifications. The RAINBOWDAY is a 24MP digital camcorder and has an 8MP CMOS sensor.

  • Built-in speaker and mic

Now good videos are accompanied with great acoustics. This camcorder has a speaker and mic for all your recording needs.

  • Infrared night vision function

Sometimes, when we shoot at night, we need to improvise because of the lack of good lighting. The RAINBOWDAY comes to our aid with its IR night vision functionality. This is one less thing you need to worry about when taking photos during the night.

  • Wide angle lens

When shooting, it pays to have a little variety when it comes to the lens. This device comes with a wide angle lens, but you can easily upgrade or mix it up with a different-sized lens according to your needs.

  • Portable and lightweight

You can get rid of the hassle of lugging a bulky camcorder because this equipment is portable and lightweight. You can shoot effectively and with ease.

  • Great battery life

We all know how some devices consume a lot of battery. For this equipment, as long as you charge it fully then you will have approximately two hours of shooting video or three hours of taking photos.

  • Anti-shake feature

Recording videos is not always a breeze. You may have to shoot moving objects or record on the go. This digital camcorder has an anti-shake feature to help you get stable and explicit photos even at the not so ideal circumstances.

  • Efficient customer service

As with all products, it is essential that they also come with warranty and customer service. The RAINBOWDAY provides 12-month warranty and one-month exchange if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • High definition photos and videos
  • Clear audio and excellent sound quality
  • Built-in microphone
  • Wide-angled and interchangeable lens
  • Long battery life
  • Great customer service
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended for vlogging


  • Only expandable up to 32GB
  • SD card not included upon purchase


In case you are keen to start vlogging or perhaps want to start recording significant moments in your life, RAINBOWDAY’s Night Vision Digital Camcorder is a great starter. It has a lot of good features. The video resolution is up to 1080P. It also takes vivid photos because it is equipped with a 24MP camera.

If you happen to shoot a lot of videos, then its built-in mic and speaker are an advantage. It is also not complicated to use and is recommended for beginners. On the downside, the memory card capacity is only up to 32GB. You also have to purchase the memory card separately.

Using the Microphone: Additional Tips

As you can see this digital camcorder has an external microphone that can be quite great for recording. It is worth to know that you can adjust the decibels depending on the shooting circumstances.

Say for a quiet environment; you can set it for +20db. If you are working on a bustling and noisy situation, then adjust it to -10db. As for regular and normal video environment, you can keep it at 0db.

Additionally, make sure to turn on the microphone first before you start recording. You can still use the microphone while recording, but background noise may be heard when it is switched on.


Still not sold on this RAINBOWDAY’s camcorder? That is okay as there are so many different brands and models out there. It can get quite confusing and problematic to compare and contrast each one.

One of the contenders for this type of digital camcorder is the Besteker. The Besteker Digital Camera Camcorder has the same look and feel like that of the RAINBOWDAY’s.

It also has similar features except that its external microphone has noise-canceling capabilities. Both digital camcorders take high-quality photos and videos. They are also easy to use and portable.

It all depends on your taste and preferences. Some find the variety of interchangeable lens of the RAINBOWDAY’s appealing as they can change or mix it up as they please. Others consider the Besteker’s camcorder as a good starter because it has all the basic features every video enthusiast needs.

The Verdict

Digital camcorders come in different size, quality and price range. Surely the high-priced ones have cool and advanced features that can tempt you. If you are on a strict budget, do not worry too much about the fancy features. As long as the camera that you will buy has the basic and reliable features, you are good to go.

The RAINBOWDAY Night Vision Digital Camcorder produces good video and vivid pictures. It also has a wide angle and an option for interchangeable lens. Unfortunately, it has a limited capacity when it comes to storage space. You also have to buy the SD card separately.

However, do not let these minor cons discourage you. Overall, this camera covers more than the basic features. If you already have a good eye for composition or a solid background in shooting, the equipment you will use is just an added advantage.

It also pays to read the reviews and tips from fellow buyers. This way you can figure out if this camcorder is the right fit. You can also look up various videos, reviews, and materials online to help you decide on your purchase.