Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount Review

Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum TripodIf you are into photography, either as a profession or as a hobby, then you would know that some tools are designed to make your work easier, faster, and better. The tripod mount is one such tool that can be used to make your snapping session more comfortable. As a result, the pictures produced will have better quality. With that said, we will review one product that you might consider as a good investment.

Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount

The Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount is said to be a very powerful product with a great design. Let us now look at its key features, pros, and cons and find out if such claims are true enough.

  • Materials Used

The Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount is built with excellent materials. It has aluminum legs, a dense polyurethane head, and rubber feet. The rubber feet are responsible for providing added stability after the camera has been mounted. They will also allow you to grip the body of the tripod; thus, making it easier to hold while extending it.

  • Lever Lock Legs

The Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount has a fully opened body; however, it is sturdy enough to be used with small cameras. If you happen to be the type of person who does not waste time doing things slowly, then you would be impressed by its lever lock legs. They are quite faster to lock and unlock. The only problem is that they are prone to break faster as compared to twist locks.

  • Center Column

This tripod mount also has a gear elevated center column that makes it easier for you to adjust the height when needed. It is particularly useful for those who use the tripod mount from a sitting position. This will also allow you to snap things at different levels faster and easier. That is because of the fact that all you have to do is to adjust one ring, which is way better than turning all the three legs of your tripod just to adjust its height. Despite its usefulness, aligning the center column can sometimes make the tripod less stable.

  • Bubble Level

The bubble level or sometimes called the spirit bubble is a handy tool for your tripod since It can be used for ensuring things are in the proper vertical and horizontal levels. While some tripods come with only one bubble level, this product comes with two. Both can be used to provide accurate alignment of the tripod legs and head. This will be helpful in helping achieve the stability of your tripod.

  • Picture Modes

The Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount can be used to snap pictures in both portrait and landscape mode, making it particularly great for photographers who seek versatility.  Hence, changing the camera’s orientation by yourself will not be a problem since the tripod mount can do that for you if set properly. Note though that taking a picture using the portrait mode is sometimes harder due to the difficulty in setting up. This implies that this tripod supports landscape mode pictures better than the portrait mode.

  • Accessories

One of the attachments that come with this tripod mount is the carrying bag. The design is simple; thus, accessing and storing your tripod would not be an issue. Additionally, even though it is designed to accommodate your tripod mount, there is still a little space for you to put in an item or two.

Another attachment found is the smartphone adapter. This is an essential accessory due to the usefulness of smartphones to photography these days. As its name implies, it will hold your smartphone in place while you use it with a tripod mount. This accessory has the potential to enhance the picture or video quality on your smartphone significantly.

The quick-release plate is another accessory found in this tripod. This tool is designed to make it fast and easy for you to attach and remove your camera to and from the tripod. This saves you a lot of stress from screwing your camera onto the tripod.

The weight hook is another attachment that comes with this tripod which you can attach to the center column of the tripod. After which, you can hang your camera bag to the hook. This makes the tripod heavier; thus, allowing you to enjoy more stability.


  • Durable and stable
  • Very easy and fast to setup and dismantle
  • Easy switch between landscape and portrait mode
  • Both head and legs can be adjusted to achieve more stability
  • Can be used with a smartphone


  • The legs don’t slide properly.
  • It is sometimes hard to adjust the head at portrait mode.
  • Doesn’t fit into the bag sometimes


The Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount is a tripod that has been specifically designed for both professional photographers and hobbyists due to its ease of use. The accessories that come with this product makes the whole shooting experience better and more effective.

One of its most attractive features is its ability to switch easily between the landscape mode and the portrait mode, allowing you to snap exactly the way you want to. Changing it to the portrait mode sometimes takes a lot of work though, so you have to be mindful of that. You might also want to get another bag because most of the time, the tripod does not fit into the provided bag.

Nonetheless, the Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount is a durable equipment made from high-quality aluminum materials. Likewise, its adjustable features and rubber feet are all designed to give the product extra stability while working.


The eCOst 72-Inch Elite Series Professional Camera Tripod is a product that is somewhat similar to the Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount. They are both made of aluminum and has adjustable features. Likewise, this product also has a non-slip swivel foot that ensures that the legs would not slide easily.

However, this comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth for removing oil and fingerprints. In addition, the carrying bag of this tripod is water resistant. Nonetheless, switching from landscape to portrait mode, and vice versa is a feature that the eCost 72-Inch Elite Series Professional Camera Tripod lacks.


With all things considered, the Ravelli APLT6 72-Inch Aluminum Tripod Mount is a very good tripod mount for those who seek versatility, stability, ease of use and comfort during photo sessions.