Studio Lighting

Studio Lighting

Are you interested in opening your own studio? Then you probably know many things related to what it takes to do this and you also did a course and invested in good-quality equipment. But did you take into consideration what it takes to have the best result and with it the best reviews? It is the lighting.

A photo, no matter how good it turns out to be, will be even better with the appropriate lighting. Most of the time you can find studio lighting kits that come with umbrellas, light stands, light holders and bulbs that can help you with energy saving. If you invest in a lighting kit, you are ensured to have perfect results.

Below you will find some options that you can take into consideration if you are on the hunt for the perfect kit.

LimoStudio White Photo Umbrella Lighting Kit

If you want to start your own business in this world of professional photographers, you must know that besides the studio, the camera equipment, and its accessories, you need to have a perfect lighting for the best result.

Investing in a lighting kit is essential for any photographer. This kit from LimoStudio comes with an umbrella flash strobe light stand, a single head fluorescent light holder, a digital light bulb and a white umbrella.

The umbrella flash strobe light stand is actually tall enough for any likings (it has 86”). It has 3 legs stages that will provide a powerful lock. Regarding the movement, it is really easy to move around because it is light in weight and the height is adjustable and can go from 53” to 100”.

The fluorescent light holder has the easiest way of mounting. It has also a button that you can use to turn it on and off. In addition, it comes with a code and plug system that goes to 9ft.

The kit contains fluorescent light bulb  shaped in a spiral that is energy-efficient (saving up to 80%). You can set the bulb with a normal screwing motion like you do with regular bulbs. When it comes to dimensions, it has a 3.5” in diameter and 8” in length.

The last part of the kit it the umbrella. It is manufactured from nylon and serves to diffuse the light that comes from the flashlight. It is designed in a white color so that it can provide a neutral color temperature.

All in one, with this kit you can easily make the light reflect and spread in an even way and make all the spots disappear, everything for a perfect final result.

Fancierstudio Light Kit

You can start to take professional photos with the Fancierstudio light kit. This comes with different elements: 2 fluorescent bulbs, 2 light stands, 2 adapters and 2 umbrellas.

The fluorescent bulbs have 45 watts and 5500k (for daylight color temperature). They are designed for saving up to 80% energy. You can mount them with a normal screw motion that you use for your regular bulbs. Their style is a spiral one.

The light holders come with a button that you can use to switch on and off, and the place designed for the umbrella works as a normal holder. E27 describes the base of the lamp and it has included a cord and plug system (9.2 feet).

The light stands work with three different stages for the legs and it provides a solid safety. They are made from a construction of aluminum alloy material.

The umbrellas are translucent and made from a construction of nylon materials. They are 33” and help with reflecting and diffusing the light in an even way.

Overall, this kit is perfect for you to start using the best lighting in your photos. A pleasant lighting is essential if you want your final results to have a good quality. Keep in mind that the better looking the photo is, the more professional it looks and it gets more positive reviews.

LimoStudio Day Light Umbrella Lighting Kit

Good lighting brings good-quality photos, which is something you always have to remember. Investing in a lighting kit is an essential step that you have to take into consideration when you are starting your own business. This set from LimoStudio comes with 2 translucent umbrellas, 3 light holders, 2 light stands, 3 spectrum light bulbs, a light table stand, a bag for the bulbs and a bag for the umbrellas.

The umbrellas are 33” and are made from a high-quality nylon material. They provide the diffusion of the light that comes from the flashlight. They are also supposed to make any spots and glares disappear when they spread the light.

The three light holders are designed with an option that you can use to turn on and off. They are compatible with bulbs that have 45W and are featured with a code and plug (of 9ft). When it comes to the base of the lamp, it is E26/E27x1.

The light stands have three legs stages that provide more safety. They are made from aluminum, which makes the stands very easy to move around.

The three light bulbs are designed to save up to 80% of the energy. You can put them into their bases with a screw motion that you use for your regular bulbs around the house. Their color temperature goes up to 6500K and they use 45W.

Taking into consideration all of the above-mentioned information, this lighting kit is great for a larger studio because of the multitude of elements that the kit comes with. You have everything that you need for the perfect lighting with the set from LimoStudio.


Per ensemble, you must know that having good lighting is crucial when you are dealing with photography. Try and invest in a set and you will soon have amazing quality photos that will receive the best positive reviews. There is nothing to lose if you spend some extra dollars on a nice set, with umbrellas that are made from nylon and light bulbs that save energy.