The Best Camcorder under $500

The Best Camcorder under $500

Your main priority in choosing a decent camcorder is which will fit your budget. Today, different companies are producing different models with very diverse price tags. Likewise, camcorder innovation has advanced to the point that components like 3D-shooting and manual presentation controls can now be found in some camcorders for under 500 dollars.

Below you will find some of the best cheaper camcorders that are available from Amazon.

GoPro HERO4 BLACK Surf Bundle

GoPro has steadily made its name as a top brand in the world of cameras and filming tools. Even though the company is most famous for its action cameras, its latest camcorder is no less in terms of value. The HERO4 BLACK is one of the most advance Go-Pro items with enhanced picture quality, double processor and video fps rates. This new camcorder moves past HD when you record POV-style footage, and you can mount it in many different ways or even wear it!

The camcorder is outfitted with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which assists in interfacing with a cell phone or the wireless remote and allows you to handle a lot of different cameras in the meantime. The inbuilt USB port helps to exchange information and charge the camera, and can be connected with a 3.5 mm mic connector. Its Superview mode provides ultra-wide point perspective, while the Time Slip and Passing-burst modes help to combine or get the right footage.

The GoPro Hero 4 Black Bundle is $500, but if you buy it with the extra gear and equipment, Amazon offers great bundle deals, which together will take your shooting to a new level! Moreover, it comes with free shipping and will reach you within 3 days if ordered with Amazon prime.


  • Standard housing 131′ (40m)
  • Skeleton backdoor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • More accessories: surfboard mount
  • FCS plug mount, camera tether
  • Quick-release buckles
  • 3-way pivot arm


  • External purchases may have to be made to fulfill your shooting requirements.
  • Battery life is a problem (if you’re travelling, you’ll need to keep a spare battery)

Whether you want to capture your moments in the sharpest colors to keep them as vivid as possible or plan on making short films and documentaries, GoPro HERO4 BLACK Surf Bundle will not disappoint!

Panasonic HC-V550K

The HC-V550 is Panasonic’s most recent mid-range camcorder, and is the upgrade to the Panasonic HC-V520 from precisely a year before. Fundamentally, it hasn’t changed much. Like its antecedent, the HC-V550 is based around a somewhat standard 1/5.8-inch rear lit up CMOS with 2.51Mpixels (but just 2.2Mpixels are utilized when shooting video). In any case, there are a couple of changes and upgrades that make the V550K a beneficial substitution, as well as a great extra – the pan-tilt-zoom cradle.

With many satisfied customers, the Panasonic HC-V550Kis rated 4.30 out of 5.00. Its price is approximately $450 and is available with free shipping all across the United States.


  • Mega zoom range covering 28mm wide to 1400mm
  • 5 Axis hybrid optical imaging stabilization keeps handheld shots steady
  • NFC enabled Wi-Fi connects with your mobile and home devices
  • Level-shot automatically corrects the horizon in your shot
  • Manual settings
  • Includes VW-CTR1 remote pan tilt cradle


  • Relatively pricey for its features
  • Small sensor for a camcorder of this price
  • Doesn’t have slow motion capability

For smaller productions that can handle the workflow, the V550K is a great asset. It’s a good camcorder and should suffice if you’re not required to shoot at the highest quality or in challenging conditions.

Samsung F90 White Camcorder with 2.7″ LCD Screen and HD Video Recording

The Samsung HMX-F90 is a small digital camera which is handy and perfect to bring along on journeys. Some of its specialized features include a CMOS sensor 1/3, 2 inches and with a determination of 5 megapixels and a 52x optical zoom lens with Samsung and 130x advanced zoom. It additionally has a 2.7-inch LCD presentation, USB and HDMI interface, space for SD memory cards, and SDXC SDHX or stabilizer.

You can record H.264 HD videos and takes pictures in JPEG design with 1,696 x 954 pixels.

Considering that this is one of Samsung’s finest budget cameras and contains no less than any of its competitors in terms of features for its price, the F90 is a bargain at around $250. It’s available in both black and white, with the black version even cheaper than its white counterpart.


  • Records 720/30p and 480/60p video
  • 5MP CMOS image sensor
  • 52x optical zoom f1.8 lens by Schneider
  • Uses SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
  • 7″ LCD screen
  • Time lapse function
  • HDMI and composite video output
  • USB charging
  • Built-in Intelli-Studio editing software


  • Indoor quality is poor
  • Below-average stabilization
  • No wide-angle lens
  • Poor battery life

Samsung is a well-established brand in the technology market. The F90 is guaranteed to leave long term users of the brand satisfied, as well as casual videographers who are looking play with and learn how to use a camcorder. It’s really best for ordinary people with no professional shooting motives (i.e. filming your child’s first birthday or soccer matches!).


Since the market has been inundated with smaller companies introducing a lot of budget cameras, it can be difficult to find the best option for your needs. As with most budget electronics, some cameras have features with others do not have, while others have downsides which really make them a turn off.

All of the camcorders reviewed here have some great features and the potential outcomes are endless. On the other hand, we feel that as far as affordability, quality and standard goes, the GoPro Hero Bundle is the best choice for casual filming on a budget.