The Best Professional Video Camera

The Best Professional Video Camera

In the continually-changing, innovative universe of video-making, deciding which camcorder to buy requires an understanding of the latest features available and of current and past technology. Indeed, even experts need to carefully research and evaluate the options to figure out which camera best suits their needs.

Having a reliable video camera is vital for any videographer’s kit for perfectly capturing events in their truest form. Live reporting, event coverage and the latest trend of wedding videography has added new dimensions to the specifications of video cameras. Ultimately, finding a camera which fits the user’s unique style of work and ergonomic needs is perhaps most important.

Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM Professional Camcorder

Sony HXR-NX5U is the first of the NXCAM line. It’s the latest edition to the tapeless memory recording category, making it ideal in terms of performance and control.

This camera is guaranteed to record long durations of video even when using regular memory cards thanks to its revolutionary AVCHD format. The dual memory recording function gives the freedom to continuously record video without having to stress over cut-off shots due to low camcorder memory. Along with different file formats, recordings are available in SD and HD formats, utilizing HXR-FMU128; the extra 128GB flash memory.

No matter which format you choose, amazing video quality is ensured with the camcorder’s extraordinary 3 Exmore CMOS sensors with ClearVid, for outstanding color processing, high resolution and wide dynamic scope. Another exciting feature is the 1080×1920 video which has the options of recording in 24p, 30p and 60i. The Active SteadyShot image stabilizer superbly controls fast motion and reduces shakes, which is crucial when you’re on the go.

Its design incorporates both traditional buttons and a LCD touch panel that is very easy to use. The built-in GPS locator allows direct uploading of videos and satellite navigation. This is undoubtedly a valuable factor for news reporters and in making your own footage.

Priced at an estimated $2200, the Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM Professional Video Camcorder has amassed a lot of 5-star ratings on Amazon.


  • 3 CMOS sensors
  • 1080 video in 24p,30p and 60i
  • SD and HD formats
  • Dual XLR outputs
  • Built-in GPS
  • G lens


  • Color adjustment is tricky
  • Firmware update issues

Whether you’re a beginner in the field of videography expecting to go professional, or an expert already, you will absolutely appreciate the photo-quality Sony brings to the table, and will get nothing less than what you require.

Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder

Perfect for beginners in videography who require an entry-level camera that will perform on par with the bigger models, the Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder is a breath of fresh air. Compact yet up to the mark for creating any kind of content, this camera is a fantastic combination of dual-format recording and brilliant image quality. Good things do come in small packages!

The video quality that the XA20 delivers even in low light situations is remarkable due to its HD CMOS Pro Sensor, which has a pixel count of approximately 2.91 megapixels. The infrared light source in the camera’s handle also contributes to creating excellent-quality videos in low light situations. The vivid and realistic images produced by this device are reason enough to purchase this amazing camera. The 20x zoom of the 26.8mm wide angle lens on this device focuses on the tiniest details from afar. Add to that the Dynamic Optical Image Stabilization, and you’ll be getting stunning ultra-steady shots.

The latest DIGIC DV 4 processor of which this Canon boasts gives a variety of recording options; 28mbps AVCHD video in a 1080/50p setting and 35mps in a 1080/50p for quality maximization. Don’t worry about the memory as the XA20 comes with two memory card slots; SDHC/SDXC. The built-in WiFi is multifunctional; other than allowing fast transfers of content between devices, it also helps control the camera, without any additional apps.  The GPS accessory is additional, however, and is useful for anyone who wants to mark location data. The XA20 is surprisingly lightweight, and the function buttons and OLED screen are well-placed without cluttering.

Still not convinced? For only around $1900 with great savings on bundles, this camera is a must-have!


  • Zoom-range performance
  • Excellent picture quality
  • User-friendly
  • Travel-friendly
  • Image stabilization


  • Average audio
  • ND filter either auto or off
  • No date/time stamp
  • No fader

The XA20 is a professional camcorder, despite being entry-level, and jam-packed with awesome features despite its size. Whether you’re an amateur or professional videographer, you’ll want to get your hands on the Canon XA20.

Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV High Definition Professional Camcorder with 20x HD Video Zoom Lens

When it comes to the camcorder market, the Canon XH-A1S is a great all-rounder. Providing performance and portability that is better than competitor cameras, it’s earned its spot on this list.

Creating a buzz with its variety of image parameter controls, this camera has passed the test of critics with flying colors. Vivid images and sharp images are created at 1440 x 1080 pixels due to its Genuine Canon 20x HD lens. The Super Range Optical Image Stabilization is ideal for field-work or users on the go, especially with the Auto Focus feature that focuses in a millisecond.

Compared to past models, the functions of Canon’s XH-A1S have improved in terms of noise reduction and color recreation through its DIGIC DV II HD processer. For the more old-school videographer, manual adjustments are an option, so if the automatic adjustments are not satisfactory, you can always fine-tune the image according to your liking.

Numerous reviewers have recommended this camera for its portability and versatility. Users who prefer traditional cameras have found it user-friendly, well-designed and exceeding expectations when it comes to the end result. The price tag is crazy considering how powerful this camera is. Priced more or less at $1400, it’s a steal!


  • Outstanding quality
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound
  • Image stabilization
  • Auto focus


  • Small LCD
  • Limited zoom

The Canon XH-A1S is a worthy investment which is guaranteed to satisfy. The portability and traditional build doesn’t stop it from being on par with the competition when it comes to performance and functionality.


Professional video cameras cost a lot and are probably not the best option when you plan to use them just for home or casual videos.

If you are venturing into video production and have the money to put into it, the verdict is that the Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder is a superb choice for creating most types of content, be it professional or just a home video.