Video and Audio Recorders

Video and Audio Recorders

Our world moves at an alarming speed when you consider the events that are taking place. Every passing second leaves a time-stamp that defines humanity’s evolution whether at an individual, communal or global level.

Some of these events go unnoticed; some are shared widely to and capture universal attention.

We can participate in this dissemination of knowledge by recording and sharing the happenings around us. This can be done by either recording on video, audio or both.

The recording industry is inundated with an array of audio and video recorders that you can choose from to tap what you want, be it a song, an academic presentation, a sermon or even a recording of a wedding.

The Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G3 Wireless Microphone Combo System

The Sennheiser brand stands in a class of its own when it comes both sound and video recording instruments. This particular microphone is highly rated and can be found in any recording studio worth its name.

Here are some of the features that have cemented its name in the recording industry:


  • G3-A clip-on wireless microphone system for easy recording
  • 100G3 plug-on transmitter that transmits audio for a wide range
  • Rechargeable AA batteries
  • Battery charger for easy charging of depleted batteries
  • 1,680 Tunable frequencies for a wide coverage
  • Waterproof microphone case
  • Camera mount receiver
  • Fully functional LED display
  • 4 preset memory locations that can be assigned to the frequencies


  • It is made of a metal enclosure that makes it durable unlike those made from plastic which easily disintegrates.
  • The high-frequency microphone has an unbeaten sensitivity and frequency that can capture in the most challenging environment.
  • It is compatible with most wireless microphones
  • Operates on UHF frequency which allows for a wider coverage with limited interference
  • A wide number of tunable frequencies within a 42 MHz range allows for a wider catchment
  • The comprehensive LED display shows the channels, frequency, battery information, etc.


  • It is relatively expensive compared to other microphones available.

Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder

As the name suggests, this video recorder is small enough to fit in one hand and comes with exquisite features that have made it quite popular and in demand. Check out some of the features that have made this recorder a favorite of most recording artists.


  • Built-in stereo microphones able to withstand very loud music
  • Wide 160-degree angle high-quality lens that captures great videos
  • Light portable design
  • Wide range of preset scenes that can be used in many lighting environments
  • Easy one button recording for convenient control
  • USB port for connecting to the computer
  • Uses AA batteries


  • It directly records on memory cards up to 128 GB for easy and convenient data storage
  • It can capture very high-resolution audio and save as MPEG-4 video or WAV for audio.
  • The camera can record videos in720por 180p HD resolutions
  • Small and easy to carry around for recording
  • Can be directly connected to the computer to record or transfer projects
  • Can be used as a webcam and stream directly to streaming platforms
  • Has a tripod thread that enables it to be mounted on a tripod as you take the video recording
  • The color LCD screen helps you to review the videos
  • Stereo input and output jacks let you attach external microphones and earphones.
  • HDMI video output lets you connect to the TV to watch your video recording in high resolution
  • Filter option gets rid of low-frequency noise.
  • Operates on standard AA batteries that can last up to 2 hours of continuous recording


  • The battery life is quite short lasting just two hours of continuous recording.

TASCAM DR-60DmkII DSLR Audio Recorder

This is yet another recorder that is popular with recording filmmakers. It is highly regarded for its ability to capture high-quality audio and its affordable price tag. Here are more features of this popular brand.


  • 4 microphone inputs for maximum sound recording
  • A/D converter that captures even the minutest of sounds
  • Easy to use interface
  • Filter that cuts out noisy or distorted recordings
  • Dual recording ability
  • Top and bottom tripod mounts
  • AC/DC power options for use both indoors and outdoors


  • The audio converter is capable of capturing all types of sounds
  • It records directly to an SD card
  • The filter helps to eliminate noise and faulty recordings
  • The dual recording mode ensures that there is backup in cases of an overload
  • High-quality analog/digital converters for better recording quality
  • Individual headphone, as well as a line output, ensures additional input on set.


  • Limited warranty period

Comparison of the Sennheiser microphone, the Zoom Handy Video Recorder, and Tascam Audio recorder

As we have seen all the three devices can be used for recording purposes, albeit serving quite different functions. They are useful in capturing sound and video for dissemination to a wider audience.

The Sennheiser wireless microphone is used for recording, transmitting, and amplifying sound and can capture sounds from a wide range. The Zoom handy Video Recorder records both sound and video, making it very popular with musicians and recording artists.

The fact that it is versatile and can record both high-quality picture and sound makes it the must-have recorder in the music industry.

The Tascam Audio recorder is primarily meant for recording sound. It is actually considered the filmmakers ideal recorder.

It captures very high-quality audio files that work together with cameras to produce exquisite recordings. The WAV files are time-stamped with the time of the recording and when synchronized with the camera, they give a smooth sound to the recording.

Together with the Sennheiser Wireless microphone, they are highly specialized equipment meant for professional studio recording. In terms of price, the Sennheiser wireless microphone is the most expensive, retailing at more than three times the price of the Zoom Handy Video recorder.


As we can see, these three products are specialized for use in specific areas of recording. So you will choose one or the other depending on the purpose you want them for.

If you want to record audio only, you could go for the Tascam Audio recorder because of its ability to capture very high-quality sound. It also records directly onto an SD card thus you will be able to store your audio and share it seamlessly with a larger audience.

On the other hand, it also would be your best bet because of its ability to capture the frequency within a very large area and block out any form of interference.

Our ultimate choice, however, is the Zoom handy Video Recorder. This gadget scores highly owing to the fact that it can record both sound and picture.

This is very important since it beats two birds with one stone, helping you achieve high-quality audio and video files. Furthermore, you can use it together with many appliances such as the TV or computers and iOS devices to livestream your project.

The fact that it is relatively cheap cements its place as one of the best recording devices available. If you want to capture both sound and audio, then the Zoom Handy Video Recorder is the appliance you need. It will give you a very high-quality picture and sound for a complete video experience.

Let’s explore some of these recording devices and see which ones are excellent for which purposes.