Videoing: Best Video Equipment For Filming and Interviews

Best Video Equipment For Filming and Interviews

Videoing technology has come a long way and today many great film directors started their motion picture career from doing beginner videotaping.  Therefore, if you want to start small or going it big, it is always better to use the best video equipment for filming and interviews.

Rhode VideoMicro Compact

If you are looking for the best video equipment for filming and interviews to shoot with then check out the Rhode VideoMicro Compact with Rycote Lyre mount that is already making waves on the market. The company has done it again with their fully developed mounted shock camera that carries an array of features designed to do a great job.


Features of the VideoMicro Compact with its own Rycote Lyre mount are awesome to behold and you just would not want to miss out on any of them. You can accomplish many things on the set during a movie shoot because of what the product has to offer.

  • Suspension

The suspension structure on the mechanism is made of tough thermoplastic that is hard to beat. It takes care of unwanted noises and vibrations that may otherwise threaten to spoil the motion picture.

  • Metal shoe

The metal camera shoe is placed at the bottom of the mount so your camera can be mounted on to the mount easily. With this specially designed show feature, your camera will have all the support it will ever need.

  • Weight

The weight of the apparatus is only 176 g (0.39 lb) and this means it is easily transportable by hand. Therefore, you can carry your VideoMicro with its Rycote mount anywhere you want to go.


This product is one of the best on the market today. It has a high capability of sound blocking so you and your audience can hear what is being said clearly. Its super suspension capability is essential for filming in difficult terrains. When compared to other devices in its niches, it comes out on top with lengths to spare.


When compared with two other of the same industry devices known as the SGC – 598 Photography Interview apparatus and the Pyle-Pro PMKS5 Compact Base Microphone, we see a few minor differences worth noting. These differences however are not far off and will not cause the product to seem less functional.

  • The SGC – 598 Photography Interview apparatus

The weight of the SGC – 598 is standing at 13.6 oz or 0.85 lbs when compared to the Rhode, which is 0.39 lb. The heavier weight of the SGC means that it might be more difficult to carry around by hand. Still, the added weight might be acceptable by some people who like to work with heavier stuff.

  • The Pyle-Pro PMKS5

The Pyle-Pro Compact Base Microphone is our next comparison product we put up against the Rhode compact. For one, the Pyle is a heavier version of the Rhode weighing in at 9.9 lbs in comparison to our reviewing product, which is standing at 0.39 lb.


The Rhode VideoMicro Compact with Rycote Lyre mount has a great enough rating of about 5 out of 5 as seen by the positive responses on Amazon by reviewers. It stands up to any challenge issued by other products in the same industry because of its awe-inspiring features.

Takstar SGC 598

The Takstar SGC 598 Nikon/Canon Interview Microphone with Camera/DV Camcorder might just be more appealing piece of merchandize in its industry to you. It has special features that put it in a class all by itself.


  • Condenser microphone

For smooth recording quality, the product comes with a condenser microphone that helps to block out outside interferences like unwanted voices and animal sounds. This feature is especially great for the outdoors.

  • Universal connector

Another great feature of the mechanism is the universal connector that you can use to set the camera in any direction you want. The connector is a standard product and thus is easy to use with the camera.

  • Alloy materials

The materials used to create the device are made from strong, sturdy and dependable alloy. In fact, these materials are so effective that they shield the SGC 598 from any electromagnetic interference.


The SGC is a useful mechanism that does its job well and does not attract any unwanted outside interferences. Its various other features such as its 100 hours battery life, power indicator light, polar pattern cardioid, 2000 A 30% output impedance and others, make it a device worth buying.


Both the Rhode VideoMic Go and the Rhode DeadCat Go has some similar and different features from the Takstar.

  • The VideoMic Go

The VideoMic Go is a very lightweight piece of apparatus. Its weight is only 2.6 ounces, which means it is easily transportable. On the other hand, the Takstar device weighs 0.53 lbs, thus, making it a bigger bulk to transport around.

  • The Rhode DeadCat Go

The Rhode DeadCat Go is a specially designed piece of microphone equipment that must only be used indoors. If you are thinking of doing any indoor and outdoor work, then Takstar is your better option.


The Takstar SGC 598 Nokon/Canon Interview Microphone with Camera/DV Camcorder stands as a product that needs no great introduction to get it sold. Its features are many and you can use all of them when you choose to do so.

Shure VP 83 LensHopper

The Shure VP 83 LensHopper mounted camera and condenser microphone is a great buy to add to your collection. The apparatus comes with a number of different features that are compelling and owning this product will help you see better through its lenses.


Features of the Shure VP 83 LensHopper mounted camera and condenser microphone are dominant above others in its genre. The manufacturer designed it to give maximum response when called upon to use.

Here are the awesome features of the product.

  • Positioned gain switch at the back of the product that are easily assessable
  • An audio that is of an high quality definition that carries a low-end response
  • Supercardioid/lobar polar that is designed to reject any unwanted outside interference
  • A mounted system from Lyre that is designed to absorb shock
  • 1 AA Alkaline battery that last for 100 hours
  • Audio connector with a 3.5 mm integrated system
  • ¼ threaded base shoe mount
  • RF immunity metal construction that is tough and durable


The Shure VP 83 LensHopper is of significant importance on the market today because of its many features. It is packed with the tools you need to get a hands-on experience that will leave a memorable imprint on the lives of those you touch.


When compared with the Saramonic SmartMixer and the IndieSolo, we found a bit of variations; otherwise the other features seem to be the same.

  • Saramonic SmartMixer

The Saramonic SmartMixer is a smart piece of merchandise to own because it makes videotaping seems like clock-work. It has a double audio mixer so that your iPhone attachment can work comfortable. In addition, because of its mini XLR placement, it can balance your microphones output with ease. The balancer on the Saramonic is more advanced than on the Shure.

  • IndieSolo

With the IndieSolo, you can shoot the types of videos you want because it functions with excellent precision. It is portable and easy to manage just like the Shure.


Shure VP84 LensHopper may just be the right deal for your videoing experience and all you have to do is to try it out. The features are great and you can benefit from them in many different ways.


Finding the best video equipment for filming and interviews can become a challenging task for you to achieve. Yet, the time is well worth it because you will be setting up yourself to bring to your audience quality motion picture that they cannot find anywhere else.