YI Lite Action Camera Review

YI Lite Action Camera Review

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve missed capturing a great family moment as a result of a camera with poor quality or slow shutter speed? You’re not alone, plenty of people have and instead of being forced to try to recall great events with those closest to you, having a phenomenal camera can make it much simpler.

The YI Lite Action Camera has everything that you would expect from a high-quality DSLR but in a far more convenient and compact size that you can bring with you relatively anywhere. With native Sony parts, it’s equivalent to high-end digital cameras that you would typically spend a small fortune on.

Below are some of its best features, its pros and cons, and what its performance is like when compared to other digital cameras on the market.

YI Lite Action Camera Features

  • Professional quality image and video capturing
  • 4K/20 FPS, 1080p/30 FPS, 1080p/60 FPS
  • Integrated Sony IMX206 Image Sensor
  • 130 minutes of battery life
  • 5G Dual Band WiFi
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Nine different shooting modes


  • Makes it simple to capture wide and small angle photos and videos: One of the most interesting advantages to the YI Lite Action Camera is that it allows you to get more of a background into a picture or less, depending on your shooting preferences. Inside of the camera is a wide angle/fisheye lens that can easily be disabled depending on what you’re trying to capture.
  • Easily captures high-quality images: Instead of having to worry about what your pictures are going to look like when it comes time to editing or printing, you can rest assured that the YI Lite Action Camera has several quality choices that can allow you to take high-resolution images and video.
  • Great video in daylight settings: If you’re trying to capture your child’s soccer game or if you’re taking photos with friends when there’s a sufficient amount of natural or artificial light, the YI Lite Action Camera performs perfectly.
  • Phenomenal recording sound quality: When it comes to capturing videos with an action camera, it’s important to have high-quality audio. The YI Lite Action Camera makes it simple to clearly understand what people are saying and what’s going on in your videos, as the recording sound quality is crisp, robust, and clear.


  • Doesn’t support wireless remotes through Bluetooth: A disadvantage to the YI Lite Action Camera is that it doesn’t support wireless remote control through Bluetooth channels which can make it difficult to capture large family photos or landscapes without physically holding the camera to your face.
  • Date and time display is inaccurately placed: Although you do have the option to remove the date and time from your photographs, many people enjoy this feature as it lets them know when the picture was taken. This is especially important if you’re working towards building a family album. Unfortunately, the YI Lite Action Camera has the date and time placed in a distracting area on your images, forcing you to essentially write the timestamp on the back of your pictures.
  • Not designed to be natively waterproof: Another concern you might have with the YI Lite Action Camera is that it is not waterproof, though there is the ability to find a waterproof case for the camera. This can make it difficult to capture water scenes or any outdoor activities that might be around liquids, as you won’t want to damage the internal mechanisms of the camera.


Some of the most notable features of the YI Lite Action Camera include:

  • 4K/20 FPS, 1080p/30 FPS, 1080p/60 FPS: There’s no project that is too big or too small for this action camera, as it offers three different resolution options to ensure your pictures and videos always look pristine and fresh.
  • 130 Minutes of Battery Life: To help prolong the life of your battery, this camera comes equipped with a lithium battery which gives you up to 130 minutes of continuous photo-taking and video-capturing.
  • 5G Dual Band WiFi: There’s nothing more convenient than being able to directly connect your phone to all of your devices, and this camera helps to make it simpler with the 5G Dual Band WiFi. Once connected, you can download images and videos directly to your smartphone. You can also control the camera with the help of your smartphone, instead of having to purchase an external remote control.
  • Nine Different Shooting Modes: To add to its convenience, the YI Lite Action Camera has nine different shooting modes which include: time-lapse videos and photos, burst, manual IQ settings, and plenty of automatic settings to choose from as well.


Before settling on a single camera, it is important to compare it to different brands on the market to ensure you’re getting the best item for your needs. There are three things to think about when it comes to action cameras: convenience, photo and video quality, and audio recording quality.

  • Convenience: One thing to say about the YI Lite Action Camera it’s that it’s conveniently sized to make capturing every moment during your adventures much simpler. The only thing to remember is the unit isn’t waterproof, unlike GoPro’s, which are designed for all-weather use, and so you will have to purchase waterproof accessories if you’re heading out on a water adventure.
  • Photo and Video Quality: With three different resolution options, all in HD quality, there’s no doubt the YI Lite Action Camera is going to give you the power you need to get the highest quality images possible. Even when compared to a DSLR, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how crisp and clear your images will be.
  • Audio Recording Quality: If there’s one thing everyone knows about action cameras, such as GoPro’s, it’s that their audio recording quality is subpar at best. This is typically because as they are waterproof, all of their important mechanisms are insulated which can cause an unappealing muffled effect. Luckily, the YI Lite Action Camera offers phenomenal audio recording quality so you can always understand what’s going on when you play back your captured videos.


Overall, it’s easy to understand why theYI Lite Action Camera is easily one of the best action cameras on the market. It packs a powerful punch, offers an onslaught of phenomenal features that you typically wouldn’t find in traditional action cameras, and has a lot to offer. In addition, it’s perfectly sized to make bringing it with you on adventures and travels far simpler.


Now that you’re aware of how you can find a great camera to take family photos and get great video recordings, there’s nothing stopping you from heading out and getting into a couple of great adventures yourself with the help of the YI Lite Action Camera!